MLS Nixes Russian Transfer

And a potential referee strike

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  • ❌ MLS Nixes Russian Transfer

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  • 🫢 8 Day Tenure as Sporting Director

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MLS Referee Strike

Whenever there’s a story involving referees it’s never good news. It’s usually a blown call but this is worse — a potential strike. This could be a disaster with the MLS season less than a month away.

The Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA, a union) are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with their employer, the Professional Referee Organization (PRO). And it’s not going well. 100% of participating officials voted to call a strike if necessary. They’re reportedly asking for pay scale increases of up to 90%, which the PRO has countered with single percentage increases.

The previous CBA ended on January 15th and was temporarily extended till the 31st to help the two sides compromise. If a new agreement isn’t met by then, there’s a real chance the MLS will have to use replacement refs come February 21st.

Those who follow American football may remember the 2012 season when replacement refs officiated all year. It was a DISASTER. It culminated with the infamous Seattle vs Green Bay game where two officials simultaneously made different calls on the same play. Let’s hope the MLS learns from the NFL and gets this figured out soon.

MLS Calls Off Russian Transfer

Another Bogert Bomb 💣️ 

Tom Bogert, the Athletic Insider dropped a huge story late last night. FC Dallas received a $13M bid for their star #10 Jesus Ferreira from Spartak Moscow. Dallas and Ferreira would have accepted the deal but the MLS nixed it.

Because the MLS is a single-entity league it has the authority to void transfers. That rarely happens but this isn’t the first time it’s occurred with a Russian club. The league did the same in 2022 when NY Red Bulls tried to sell Christian Casseres Jr. to Lokomotiv Moscow for $5M.

Like sports leagues around the world, the MLS has halted business with Russia since it invaded Ukraine. We find it interesting that Ferreira wanted the move in the first place. With interest from other clubs around the world, you wonder if this would have been a good move from Ferreira had it gone through.

2024 MLS Calendars

Alright… you know how we roll. We do the digging so you don’t have to. And we found a gem for ya. Thanks to redditor u/davethegr8. He created calendar files for every team that you can download and import into your calendar of choice. It’s so easy.

If you click the link of your team it will download their season schedule and then you’ll have the option to add it right into your calendar. So simple. And if you want the entire league schedule go here.

To Dave, whoever you are, the Nutmeg Crew thanks you 🙌 

Sporting KC Fire Sporting Director after 8 Days

The Galvin Wilkinson era ended before it even began. And for good reason. Sporting KC and Gavin Wilkinson “mutually agreed to part ways” but don’t get it twisted, he was forced out.

Wilkinson was fired by the Timbers and Thorns in 2022 after investigations into player and coach misconduct that occurred while he was in charge. Additionally, he was in charge when the team failed to report domestic abuse charges against midfielder Andy Polo in 2021. So he has quite the rap sheet for not properly handling serious situations.

On January 11th Sporting KC hired him as their new Sporting Director to report under Peter Vermes. Eight days later, he was fired. Immediately after being hired, thousands of SKC fans revolted, expressing their frustrations on social media and to the team directly. Specifically, the Ladies of SKC led the charge.

It’s awesome to see that the fans really do have power and they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right. 👏 

Goal of the Week

McKennie’s teammate robs him of his first goal but still a great header!

Tweet of the Week

This might not be the last replacement refs meme we see

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